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Field of Glory

Field of Glory

Osprey Games

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Ancient & Medieval Miniature Rulebook by Osprey

Field of Glory provides the historical tabletop wargamer with a new, accessible gaming system. With no new high-quality games system aimed specifically at the Ancient and Medieval wargamer for over 10 years, this product will fill the gap this market has been waiting for. Tested and created by esteemed wargaming experts, this series includes a rules book detailing the gaming system, and accompanying army lists providing player support for deciding on which armies to take into combat. Field of Glory will provide a clear, enjoyable gaming system; a well-designed, visually stunning and comprehensive rulebook, with clear miniature photographs and diagrams for definitive rules support; detailed Osprey artwork which will provide painting reference and bring the past to life; an overview of the history of this world of warfare, accompanied by period illustrations and photographs; organisation tables and a background to the men who fought on the ground.

Contents * Introduction * The Basics * Battle Groups * Command and Control * Playing the Game * General Movement Rules * Impact Phase * Manoeuvre Phase * Shooting Phase * Melee phase * The Combat Mechanism * Joint Action Phase * Battle Group Deterioration * Victory and Defeat * Special Features * Appendix 1: Scales, Base Sizes and Detailed Troop Types * Appendix 2: Battlefield Terrain, Visibility and Disorder Effects * Appendix 3: Glossary of Terms * Appendix 4: Full Set Up Rules * Appendix 5: Army Composition and the Points System * Appendix 6: Choosing, Painting and Using Your Army * Appendix 7: Examples of Unusual Situations * Appendix 8: Full Turn Sequence * Index * Reference Sheets

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