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Amazing Tales - Leisure Games

Amazing Tales Revised Edition

Amazing Tales

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Together with your children tell an amazing tale

 Amazing Tales is a roleplaying game, written to be played by children aged four and over, together with their parents. With your child you will create an amazing tale, in about the time it takes to read a bedtime story. Your child invents a hero, and decides what they will do at every step, while you conjure up a world of adventure. At key moments the dice will decide if the hero succeeds. 

In the book you will find: 

  • The short and simple Amazing Tales rules. So simple a four year old will be able to explain them. Flexible enough to cope with the most imaginative requests. 
  • Advice on creating Amazing Tales with your child. Covering the specific challenges of making up stories that work for kids, different ways of handling fights in children's games and ways to keep magic magic. 
  • Four sample settings for Amazing Tales, each with suggested characters and skills, tips for story tellers and ten story seeds - ideas just waiting to become Amazing Tales. 

New in the revised edition

  • Advice on creating perilous encounters that don't involve violence
  • Advice on using different themes, like 'Hero vs the clock' or 'Hero vs the impossible' to create your amazing tales
  • Tips on creating instant characters for heroes to meet
  • A short sample adventure, 'The Witch and the Owl', to get you started

Amazing Tales can be played with a single six sided dice. But a set of four dice with six, eight, ten and twelve sides are recommended. 

 Amazing Tales was written to be played sitting at a table, curled up on a sofa or snuggled up in bed by a parent and one or two children, but it has also been used for parties, sleepovers and even whole classrooms. 

 Amazing Tales lets your children make up any kind of character they want, such as aliens, robots, dinosaurs, fairies, knights, cowboys or superheroes. The book includes four settings to start your adventueres. They are

  • The Deep Dark Wood
  • Magical Kingdoms long ago
  • The Pirate Seas
  • Among the Stars

Amazing Tales was also designed to require no preparation on the parent's side. If your children are in the mood for a game you can grab the dice and get started. 

 The 104 page hardback book features 29 pages of full colour illustrations and is embellished with black and white line drawings throughout. Perfect for sharing with adventurous children to inspire their adventures.  

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