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After the Bomb - Leisure Games

After the Bomb


  • £19.99

Set in a post apocalyptic world, this new roleplaying game centres around the struggles of mutant animals to survive. An all-new rolepaying game that will appeal to old TMNT and original After the Bomb fans.

A Complete Roleplaying Game A complete new roleplaying game of post apocalyptic insanity, where intelligent mutant animals have inherited a devastated Earth and humankind teeters on the brink of disaster. Over 100 mutant animals. Create, design and build your own mutant animals. Optional Human Mutants, who sacrifice their humanity for mutant powers. The evil Empire of Humanity and their canine henchmen. The free state of Cardania and other refuges for mutant animals. The world turned upside down by genetics and madness. World overview and history. Six adventures to get you started, plus random encounters and tons of ideas. A complete game. Suitable for use with Heroes Unlimited. Unleash your imagination! Over 200 pages.

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