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Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Ultimate Mage's Catalogue + complimentary PDF - Leisure Games

Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Ultimate Mage's Catalogue + complimentary PDF

Arion Games

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To obtain the complimentary PDF of this book we will pass the email address you enter during checkout to the publisher, who will forward you instructions on how to download the file. This process is NOT immediate, 

When your spellcaster returns from his latest quest, or is just about to set out, what is it he really needs?

Robes, Staves, Wands and more, thats what.   If you dont have the best magical gear, you will never succeed in the adventuring game.

But where do you find the best magical ephemera?  Brile Fire-eyes Adventurers Emporium, thats where.

This here is our current full colour  illustrated catalogue for every Spellcaster, containing enough weapons and armour to satisfy the most choosy Mage, Cleric or Bard!

The systemless pdf version even includes form fields to allow you to add your own campaign-specific prices!

 Get the Ultimate Mages Catalogue today and buy the best.


  •  8 Different Amulet Types
  •  4 Different Book Types
  •  8 Different Familiar Types
  •  8 Different pieces of Headgear
  • 34 Different Robe/Outfit Types
  • 28 Different Staves
  • 7 Different Wand Types
  • 7 Different Weapons
  • 23 Other items of Useful Equipment

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