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Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Heroes Companion + complimentary PDF - Leisure Games

Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Heroes Companion + complimentary PDF

Arion Games

  • £14.00

To obtain the complimentary PDF of this book we will pass the email address you enter during checkout to the publisher, who will forward you instructions on how to download the file. This process is NOT immediate, 

This long awaited companion has something for everyone! Mass battle rules, loads of new Magical styles, Wilderness creation, Organizations, hirelings and more. Requires the AFF core book, but expands your campaign to new horizons!

Take your Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventures to a new level with the Heroes Companion. Packed with new rules and new concepts including:

6 New Magical Styles Rules for Hirelings Organisations, Holdings and Dominions Mass Battle rules Wilderness adventures Random Wilderness map generator

Requires the Advanced Fighting Fantasy core rulebook

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