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A World At War (2018, third printing) - Leisure Games

A World At War (2018, third printing)


  • £169.99

This 3rd Printing is a straight reprint of the 2nd Printing maps and counters, and includes the most current version of the rulebook and other components.

For 1-8 players, ages 14+

A World at War, a game that brings you everything in one meaty box: marines and paratroopers battling infantry and armor; submarines and carriers ambushing cruisers and battlewagons; army planes and carrier planes dogfighting bombers and interceptors and ultra-fast jets. Yet unlike in other games, in A World at War you decide which units to build the most of, and you decide where to deploy them. Will this corps march across Europe, or sail the Pacific? Will these planes strafe the eastern front, or hunt the waters of the Med? Whatever you decide, decide carefully--for in A World at War, the deployment of arms is crucial. But don't think they constitute the only battlefield. The struggle extends into foreign parliaments, through diplomacy; into your own skunk works, through research; and even behind enemy lines, through partisans. So seize every advantage you can get--not just in drop tanks and detonators, but also in oil fields and wool parkas. Most of all, stay flexible. For when the worst happens and you find yourself outwitted and outgunned, you may need to adjust your strategy. Facing that storm, do you surge-research the atomic bomb, or do you take the exigency--less glitzy and less risky--of barricading your beaches and erecting flak near your factories? (Self-recriminations can come later, like how you cracked too few encryptions, or gobbled too many islands, or skimped too much on Murmansk.) For all of these things are possible, and more!

A World at War, a game of warfare not only on land, under sea, and in the air--but also on trucks and in treasuries, on the lab bench and in the diplomatic pouch. With so many elements in play, winning strategies will always be interwoven and winning decisions always anguished. But if you hang on long enough and unleash the latest weapons in the boldest assaults, then you just may earn the chance to crush armies and rule empires . . . even if they're only cardboard.


Contents of the Second Edition:

  • 2800 full-color single-sided die-cut counters, in ten countersheets.
  • Four 22-inch x 30-inch full-color mapsheets, forming two large maps of the European and Pacific theaters.
  • A 236-page rulebook.
  • A 104-page status-sheet booklet.
  • A 24-page research & diplomacy booklet.
  • A 20-page scenario booklet.
  • Fifteen player aid cards.


Number Color Tables
1 olive combat--attrition, CRT, air defense and combat, naval attack, nationality DRMs
1 lt blue naval--interception, search, surprise, construction, raider, sub attack, air range
1 blue strategic warfare--modifiers and combat, Pearl Harbor surprise, harbor attack
1 green misc--winter, BRP costs, Commonwealth and minor country forces, naval activities
1 yellow surrender--resistance modifiers, British concessions, U.S. elections
1 white SoP, research results summary
1 white historical charts--events, shipbuilding
4 many naval status charts--TF displays
2 white naval combat charts--CG tracking
2 white conference
  • Eight six-sided dice.
  • One deck of oil effect cards.
Air Naval Army Economy Construction
4 4 4 3 3
  • Four decks of Magic and Ultra cards.
Nation Submarine ASW Tactical Strategic Combined Blank Wild
German 2 0 2 2 1 5 0
British 0 2 2 2 1 5 0
Japanese 2 2 2 2 1 6 0
American 2 2 2 2 1 3 1
  • One GMT counter tray.
  • One pack of ziplocking bags.
  • One promo sheet.
  • One box.



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