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31st May (Friday) Magic FNM Pauper Team Trios Tournament

31st May (Friday) Magic FNM Pauper Team Trios Tournament


  • £10.00

6.30pm for a 7.00pm start

Each ticket is for a single player; you will need two other teammates who also have tickets to form your team of three.

Team Trios is a team event where 3 players each play a game at the same time against another set of 3 players. It's still 1v1, unlike Two Headed Giant. The points scored for each match will be based on the individual matches. For example if in your team two of the players win their games but one player loses theirs, the whole team will still win the overall match for Swiss pairings. 

There will be 4 rounds of Swiss with store credit prizes, and everyone will receive promos.

Please arrive early for deck checks. Reprints are allowed.



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