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17th Century Minimalist: rulesbook

17th Century Minimalist: rulesbook

Games Omnivorous

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Welcome to the 17th century minimalist.

This is a fast-paced and highly-deadly game with a pinch of black humour that puts characters as wanderers in 17th century Europe.

You will play as tricksters, thieves, former soldiers, bankrupt swashbucklers and petty physicians, roaming the Old Continent in search of coin and glory.

The system is designed to allow fast character creation, compatibility with other games (mostly in the OSR community) and a reckless style of play. 

  • All rules are simplified and compressed to their essence.
  • It assumes a historical, low-fantasy setting in the 17th century.
  • It has firearms with flintlocks.
  • It does not have magic.
  • Combat is faster, deadlier and scarier.
  • Why? Because characters do not gain more HP in higher levels.
  • It has novel mechanics for experience and reputation. The two together offer opportunities for a more narrative style of play.

By Andre Novoa (writing) & Offworld Bogil Initiative (art)

40 pages, softcover in digest size; high-quality print and paper with singer sewn binding.

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