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13th Age Fantasy RPG: High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio - Leisure Games

13th Age Fantasy RPG: High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio + complimentary PDF

Pelgrane Press

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'If we're going to fight to the death, let's at least do it someplace pretty.' ' Jara the Jaded, High Elf Rogue
The High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio brings you 45 maps from High Magic & Low Cunning ' Battle Scenes for Five Icons, in glorious full color by expert cartographers! The Map Folio includes:
Player-facing maps for exciting battles in a mad wizard's lair, an underground fighting arena, an active volcano, and more
GM-only versions of each map with the encounter title, High Magic and Low Cunning page references, monster positions, and hidden terrain features
A full index so you can easily cross-reference the maps with scenes in High Magic & Low Cunning
Why run a straightforward, stand-up battle when you can make the PCs dodge bursts of lava, swing on vines across a deep gorge, or fight the animated contents of a wizard's laboratory gone berserk? Get the High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio'your players will thank you for it, once their characters have stopped burning, falling, or being pummeled by a living hat rack.

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