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Scribe + complimentary PDF (via online store)

Scribe + complimentary PDF (via online store)

Frederic Walker

  • £8.00

My father behold, the enemy’s ships came, my cities were burned, and they did evil things in my country.” - Ammurapi, likely the final king of Ugarit

Scribe is a solo journaling game about watching the collapse of civilization in the Late Bronze Age, and trying to ensure your kingdom survives it. It is a game about isolation, in a world where few can read or write, and with each kingdom that falls, those who you can turn to for help grow fewer and fewer.

This game requires a standard deck of 52 playing cards, a 6-sided die, 10 tokens, a tumbling block tower (optional), and something to write on - a notebook, piece of paper, or digital document.

The Wretched was created by Chris Bissette.

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