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Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Dark Tower (3 Volume Slipcase Set)

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Dark Tower (3 Volume Slipcase Set)

Goodman Games

  • £89.99

Goodman Games is proud to present Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: Dark Tower, updated and expanded from the 1979 classic for both 5E and DCC rules sets and published as 3 volumes in a handsome slipcase. Ranked as one of the Top 30 adventure modules of all time, Dark Tower is considered by many to be the first mega-dungeon. It was one of the first modules to utilise the newly released (at the time) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks, which author Jennell Jaquays incorporated into the original design.

Dark Tower is an entire mega-dungeon forming a mini-campaign with many hours of classic-style old school adventure - now completely converted into the DCC rules set!

The adventure is designed for level 3 characters, and players can expect to gain several levels of experience by the end of their adventures in the Dark Tower.

Volume one of the three-volume slipcase contains a reprint of the original Dark Tower Adventure from 1979, plus introductory essays by John Rateliff, Eric Mona, Justin Alexander, James Maliszewski, Jon "Taco" Hershberger, Stephen Newton, and others.

Volume two contains a conversion of Dark Tower to DCC rules. This hardcover converts the village of Mitra's Fist, all four levels of the dungeon, the White Tower of Mitra, the Dark Tower of Set, Redmoon Pass, the Lostlands Gazetteer, and more. It contains new monsters, NPCs, player handouts, spells and magic items, as well as new content such as expanded wilderness encounters, two new small mini-dungeons, and pregenerated characters.

Volume three is the Chosen Sons of Set published in DCC rules. Expanding on concepts presented in the original adventure, this new material allows you to build a mini-campaign in the Lostlands centered around Dark Tower. Each of the included scenarios is built around one of the villainous Chosen Sons of Set, horrid reptilian creatures trying to destroy Mitra and the forces of good. This hardcover also includes rules for creating your own Chosen Sons of Set, as well as a variety of new monsters, NPCs, spells, magic items, and more.

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