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Cults of RuneQuest: The Lunar Way + complimentary PDF

Cults of RuneQuest: The Lunar Way + complimentary PDF


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I believe in the Red Goddess,
Mistress of Life and Death

Cults of RuneQuest: The Lunar Way is the player’s guide to the Lunar pantheon of Glorantha!

What’s Inside?

This book covers the mythology of the Lunar gods, and provides mechanics for each of their cults to create your RuneQuest adventurer.

The Gods of the Red Moon

Cults of RuneQuest: The Lunar Way contains 15 new cults, including Jakaleel the Witch, the Goddess of Youth Teelo Norri, the Chaos demon known as the Crimson Bat, and the Red Goddess herself—all playable for the first time!

The book also includes an expanded treatment of the cult of the Seven Mothers from the RuneQuest core rulebook.

Magic of the Empire

Bring the chaos-tolerating whims of Lunar magic to your games of RuneQuest! This book details a new and unique Lunar magic system, plus expanded rules for Lunar sorcery, and the unique way Lunar Rune spells are affected by the phases of the Red Moon.

Lunar Lore

Cults of RuneQuest: The Lunar Way includes a deep dive of the unique organization, history, and nature of each of the fifteen cults. You’ll also find the richly detailed history of the Lunar gods, the Lunar Empire, the Red Emperor, and rules for adventuring on the surface of the Red Moon itself!

Note: This supplement can be used with the RuneQuest core rules, or combined with the other books in the Cults of RuneQuest line to build a RuneQuest adventurer belonging to multiple cults.

What The Critics Say

  • This is absolutely a must-own… another phenomenal entry into the Cults of RuneQuest - 10/10

    — The Gaming Gang, Cults of RuneQuest: The Lunar Way Reviewed.

  • This is literally the book I have been waiting to read for 44 years.

    — Award winning Jonstown Compendium creator Chris Gidlow, Chris Gidlow - On The Lunar Way.

  • The definitive take on the Lunar Empire… Unfortunately for those hoping to save their pennies, The Lunar Way is ultimately another "must-buy.”t

    — Andrew Logan Montgomery, Exploring the Otherworlds of Fiction, Magic, and Gaming, THE LUNAR WAY: A REVIEW.

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