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Colostle: Apothecary Job Pack Deck

Colostle: Apothecary Job Pack Deck

Nich Angel

  • £10.00

Enhance your adventures in the Colostle by taking on the job role of an Apothecary! Job Packs are expansions for Colostle that add to your characters adventures and purpose in the Roomlands, by giving them a profession and way to earn a living! These unique decks of cards simply add on to the standard rules in the Colostle base rulebook, being drawn alongside the other cards to add more flavour to your game!

As an Apothecary, collect ingredients while out in the Roomlands and then combine them together following the colour prompts on the cards to make potions with a huge variety of effects! Then you can either drink them yourself or sell your concoctions at towns and villages!

Contains 49 ingredient cards.

Click here to read the rules for the Job Packs.

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