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5e: The Black Ballad TTRPG Setting and Campaign

5e: The Black Ballad TTRPG Setting and Campaign

Storytellers Forge

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You Died. Now What?

Where do the dead go when they rest?

The poetic mystery of death has long been a fascination for the living. The images of warm hearths and a familial embrace are conjured for some, while others picture screaming in eternal torment at the hands of a demon. And yet, clerics have the power to pluck the dead back from that plane, thrusting them back into their mortal coils or even raising them into a state of eternal Undeath. Surely the gods would grow weary of their clerics pinching souls that rightfully belonged in their afterlife. Wouldn’t they?

A partnership forged in fire and blood between musicians, artists, writers, editors, and more currently rests in your hands. The Black Ballad is a 10-chapter roleplaying campaign made alongside DiAmorte’s second album, a savage metal opera of cosmic proportions. This saga will let players decide the fate of the afterlife itself while immersing themselves in musical works focusing on loss, acceptance, and determination in the face of one’s own death. Will your campaign have the gall to challenge the will of divinity?


-Over 300 pages, designed with both Storytellers and Players in mind.

-Multiple endings and player agency options. Choice matters.

-Full story campaign with 10 major cinematic chapters, 30 acts, and over a year of gameplay.

-A detailed look into how gods in fantasy settings deliver divine magic to their clerics.

-New mechanics for the faithful such as The Godless Core Class, New Domains, New Spells.

-New lineages designed for dead characters such as the Unhallowed or the Soul Stitched.

-The setting of The Sunless Crossing, a realm of waiting for the dead, built to handle the impact of resurrection in fantasy settings.

-Dynamic encounter design to accommodate Theater of the Mind and Grid Style. Every fight is epic.

-Purgatory Poker mini-game for bartering within the lands of the dead!

-Written and illustrated by award winning game designers and artists from around the world!

-Compatible with 5E and designed to be easily convertible to any D20 system.

-Official P2FE Rules Conversion Packet available for free at

-Storytellers Forge campaign design for Tier 4 play, yet scalable and written for all levels. Perfect for any home campaign no matter what level the party is.

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