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Marvel Multiverse RPG: Escape From Planet Hulk - Starter Set - pre-order (expected Q3 2024)

CoolMiniOrNot Inc

  • £34.99

Enter the Multiverse with the Starter Set!

Take on the roles of some of Marvel’s most famous Superheroes, and lead them to escape from the depths of Planet Hulk, while thwarting the nefarious plots of a few sinister Super Villains.

The Marvel Multiverse RPG Starter Set contains all you need to dive into the Multiverse and experience first-hand the thrilling lives of Superheroes! Featuring a condensed ruleset and a starting roster of 6 existing heroes, the Starter Set is designed to get you playing the game as easily as possible.

With the help of maps, tokens, standees, and custom dice, the game will be easy and captivating for the whole table, allowing the players to capture the thrill of interpreting their favourite heroes.


1 Rules Booklet

1 Power References Booklet

1 Adventure Booklet

6 Character Sheet Folios

6 Character Standees

50 Tokens; 3 Custom Dice

1 Giant Double-sided Map

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