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Strategy & Tactics 341: Return to Europe

Strategy & Tactics 341: Return to Europe

Strategy & Tactics Press

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Return to Europe: Sicily & Italy JulyNov 1943 is a two-player sequel to Desert Fox Deluxe covering the Allied invasion of Sicily and southern Italy. The operation was viewed as only a limited offensive to secure the Mediterranean and force Italy out of the war. The Germans also intended only a limited effort to delay the Allies while a strong defense was established at the far north of the peninsula. Both sides scented greater possibilities in the early going and were drawn into what would become a grueling and expensive campaign. There are two scenarios, each covering all or part of the campaign. One player or team of players commands the Allied forces, the other the Axis. In general terms the Allies are trying to knock Italy out of the war and seize the greatest amount of territory as possible, while the Axis seeks to maintain control of Italian territory for the maximum amount of time. Each game turn represents one month with up to six player impulses in each GT. Each hex represents 6.7 miles (10 kilometers) from side to side. Combat units represent brigades/regiments to companies.

Components: One 22 x 34-inch game map 280 1/2-inch counters.

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