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Strategy & Tactics 340 French and Indian War

Strategy & Tactics 340 French and Indian War

Strategy & Tactics Press

  • £43.99

French and Indian War Battles is two player grand tactical system for simulating battles in North America during the French & Indian War (1754-60). While these battles often involved small armies for the era, they decided the fate of the continent. This game includes three scenarios; Lake George (Sep 1755), Fort Oswego (Aug 1756), and Quebec (Sep 1759). Each battle has its own map, special rules and counters representing the military formations which participated in the original action. Each game turn represents from 10 minutes to one hour depending on the pace of operations. Each hex represents 50 to 150 yards, depending on the scenario. Combat units represent anything from a wing (two or more companies) to a battalion. Each combat strength point represents 40 to 150 men, depending on the quality of training and weaponry. Each artillery unit represents two to six guns. Leaders represent a single great commander plus staff.

Components: One 22 x 34 inch map 176 5/8 inch counters.

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