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Castle Falkenstein RPG: The Lost Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci

Castle Falkenstein RPG: The Lost Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci

R. Talsorian Group

  • £15.99

Castle Falkenstein: The Lost Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

Principia de Mancipium Potentia Magica Universalis

People will kill for them. Wizards will sell their souls for them. Wars could be fought for them. Kingdoms could topple if they fall into the wrong hands.

What are they? They're the tomes everyone in New Europe wants to get their hands on. Based on the writings of Aristotle, written by Leonardo da Vinci, ordered destroyed by the Pope, this codex has been lost for centuries. Until now . . .

Brought to New Europa from beyond the Faerie Veil, the Secrets contained inside this Volume will change the Face of the World!

This Sourcebook Includes:

  • Words of wisdom, philosophy, and social critique from the Master himself; an invaluable view of 16th-century society in New Europa
  • Full annotation and commentary from the greatest sorcerous minds of the 19th century
  • A compendium of sorcerous devices
  • Rules for the construction of Magickal Engines

Rules and Information Invaluable to any Person who Plays The Great Game, Especially if One is of the Sorcerous Inclination.

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