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The Many Lost Loves of Blackstone Tower - reduced

The Many Lost Loves of Blackstone Tower - reduced

Fey Light Studio

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An OSR adventure for characters of about fourth level, Blackstone Tower explores what happens to love tainted by power. 

Blackstone Tower was supposed to be the perfect home for Virvul and Gosian, two of the greatest wizards in the world. Instead, it was abandoned, their monument to magic. This is the story of that place, and the many loves who came here, and some of those who never left. 

Our newest release is an OSR adventure set on a remote island where stands a strange and wondrous wizard’s tower. Forged from the strands of the weave of magic and the forces of elemental nature itself, the tower has seen its share of tragedy.

What will your party discover as they explore this watery abode of mages?

(PS. There’s also a dragon turtle.)

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