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Primal Quest Essentials: Primal Belief

Primal Quest Essentials: Primal Belief

ManaRampMatt Productions

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Primitive esoteric rituals, ancient animism, prehistoric shamans and the forgotten deities that made them thrive: this is PRIMAL BELIEF!
Are you a Referee who wants to add some religions or divine domains to your games? This supplement presents procedures and random tables to create deities, religious organizations, places of worship, rituals and even divine blessings that bring new magic and spells to the players.

Primal Belief offers d6 random tables for

  • deity names
  • elemental domains
  • venerations
  • spiritual powers

It's as easy as rolling 1d6 as many times as you would like to create your pantheon, and give these gods endless ways to be worshipped.

Primal Belief is a religious beliefs random generator for use with Primal Quest Essentials

Created by Matthew Morris and ManaRampMatt Productions. 

8 pages, A5, saddle stitched zine, color cover and interiors.

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