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Mutants in the Now (Revised) + complimentary PDF

J-K Games

  • £21.00


In the ‘80s and ‘90s, they ruled the streets, kick-flipping off of villainous faces and slipping into the shadows. Then, they vanished from the world of tabletop gaming.

But they’re back. And ready to KICK BUTT.

Mutants in the Now is a retromodern retake on the mutant animal role-playing games long past and left behind by licensing. Mutants fight to survive, thrive, and make the world better for themselves and humanity.

With well over a hundred species of animals, few mutants will be the same! Species range from the tiny earthworm to the massive whale. Play a placid pika or fierce wolverine! Everything from a common Corgi to the rare axolotl. Forge your unique existence!

Combat styles, psionic powers, and distinct backgrounds further define your chimeric character! Whether it’s the street fighting of Jailhouse Rock, the “double jumps” of Telekinetic Boosting, or being a defender of a secret enclave, there’s numerous ways to build a unique mutant all your own.

Meanwhile, conspiratorial corporations, nouveau ninja, and extradimensional evildoers are up to no good. Go on adventures from the alleyways to orbit in a modern world where the shadows are filled with strangeness. Carve a place in the world as weird as you are!


I ran character creation and created a thoughtful, scholarly otter doctor and he's everything to me now. Check this game out, folks. - HopperUK

Can confirm that Mutants in the Now is both rad and reasonably-priced, and that you should definitely buy a copy if you didn't already back it. - Grassy Gnoll

Adding my voice to the chorus saying Mutants In The Now is good. Buy this game! - Tsilkani

Wow. Just wow. - Cavenir

  • Words by Julian Kay (two-time ENnie-award winning freelancer; Level 99 Games, Pelgrane Press), art by Fábio Fontes (Pixel Tactics, Millennium Blades, Buck Up and Drive!) and funded through Kickstarter!
  • Over 130 animal species and over 200 mutation traits. Use your Genetic-Organic Optimization Points (GOO-P) to build a unique mutant!
  • Fourteen combat styles as traditional as Aikido and as wild as tricking, along with the natural combat forms of animals and "improvisational panic".
  • Psionic powers of mind and matter: biokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, and more.
  • Intensely playtested rules that call back to the games of the 1980s, but with modern refinements. Light tactical combat, investigation, social mechanics, gimmick equipment, montages, and much more!
  • Human allies, either built from scratch by players or rolled up by random generation. Don't just fight baddies, make friends!
  • Fully-formed villains ready to menace, from the Proteus Corporation to the otherdimensional Voxnax Velacuss. Will the powerful have their way?
  • A rough layout inspired by the TRPGs of the early '80s!
  • Includes an alternate "arachnid-free" version, previously exclusive to the Kickstarter, that removes tarantula and arachnid references for arachnophobes. (Only available for the digital version.)
  • 128 pages plus character sheets, mutation worksheets, and combat reference sheets ready to print. For three to six players (including gamemaster) and three to six hour game sessions.

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