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Midwinter Ghost Stories + complimentary PDF (via online store)

Midwinter Ghost Stories + complimentary PDF (via online store)

Ex Stasis Games

  • £15.00

A collection of five system-neutral roleplaying scenarios to terrify and delight.

Long winter evenings with a chill in the air are made for hauntings. A generation of Victorian authors knew it, and so does every horror writer and director of the modern era. Midwinter Ghost Stories brings the tradition of a winter’s scare to TTRPGs with five adventures for the roleplaying game of your choice.

Midwinter Ghost Stories is sure to tingle your players’ spines, freeze their blood, and scare them stiff. The adventures run a gamut of tones from haunting and atmospheric to outright terrifying; there’s something for any roleplaying group that enjoys a touch of the eerie.

The five adventures in Midwinter Ghost Stories are system neutral. That means we don’t provide any specific rules to tie them to any one roleplaying game. Instead, we provide clear advice on what type of challenges characters face in each encounter or scene. We’ll tell you what type of skills are appropriate, how dangerous each opponent is, and any other information you need to know. All you need to do is plug in numbers from the game system of your choice. 

The five scenarios are loosely linked together by the presence of the same cursed garment: a wedding dress, loved and treasured but never worn.

  • In our first tale, the dress is appropriated as a costume for a glamorous masquerade that quickly turns sinister.
  • Later, it becomes a theatrical costume in a tragic, bedevilled production.
  • Cut to shreds and used as pillowcase, the dress’s fabric brings restless dreams to a family in peril.
  • The silk shreds’ presence make a gathering of spiritualists a deadly occasion.
  • And finally, the last rags of the dress attempt to reunite, dragging their maimed and murdered owners along for the ride.

Each scenario is designed to last a single session of 3-4 hours. 

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