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I Bury The Gods

I Bury The Gods

Exalted Funeral

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Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Zagora!

You come from the Grand Duchy of Zagora, once one of the Batrian Empire’s farthest provinces.

Imperial soldiers would use bodies of criminals to trap the gods of your people. Once a god took root in its host, the criminal was executed, bringing an end to the resident spirit. You were one such host.

An ancient nature spirit shared your body and lent you the power of its magic.

Days before your execution, the Zagoran governor received a missive from the Empress: every one of her legions were to return to the imperial capital. The legionnaires left. The governor fled. A fellow Zagoran freed you from captivity.

The spirit within you compels you to reclaim your homeland and rebuild its sacred places now. It whispers to you of a darkness that has swallowed the Empire and will soon turn its eyes to Zagora.

I Bury the Gods is a tabletop roleplaying game of dark fantasy and dice pools for solo, cooperative or traditional play. Focused on quick character generations and that thing we all love to do: THROWING DICE!

What you get:

  • Minimalist rules. Resolve risky situations, cast spells, gain experience and interact with your community

  • Tables. Randomly generate characters, settlements, monstrosities and story prompts

  • Art. Linocut illustrations and photography that convey a fantasy setting inspired by Slavic cultures

Created by Michael Chumak 

28 pages, A5, saddle stitched zine, full color throughout.

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