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Halcyon Daze: Motorcycle Knights + complimentary PDF & soundtrack

Halcyon Daze: Motorcycle Knights + complimentary PDF & soundtrack

Red Oaks Creative

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Halcyon Daze : Motorcycle Knights is a Story Telling Role Playing Game, that comes with a lightweight set of rules to have you up and running as quickly as possible.

Through the course of a game you will create fun, lightweight, characters and tell enjoyable and engaging stories with your friends. You'll be playing in the fictional town of Red Oaks, where the music rocks, and the best mode of transport is, of course, two wheeled and has two-cylinders! Music is in the heart of the everything we do in the game, and first and foremost this is a story telling games, we just happen to like music and bikes, but you can set the game in almost any environment it will work just fine. 

You just need friends and a willing imagination, that's the most important thing!

Red Oaks is a look back to the 1970s and 1980s,  where the world seemed simpler. It's a bit like the towns you'll find in TV such as The Goonies or Stranger Things, there's no internet for research, or mobile phones to keep in touch, just good old detective work and meeting up with your buddies to fill them in. You'll be telling stories about your adventures and creating exciting characters, as well as fleshing out the town of Red Oaks to provide the backdrop to YOUR shenanigans.

Halcyon Daze : Motorcycle Knights puts music at the very heart of the game. Music stirs us, it makes us happy and it makes us sad. It drives our emotions, it makes us feel alive, we all have a "song" don't we?

The song that lifts us up, or the song that makes us cry. You know the one.  for Mike it's "Script for a Jester's Tear" by Marillion, for Stuart it's "Young Livers" by Rocket From The Crypt and for Ross it's The Day the World Turned Day-Glo by X-Ray Spex.

We've made music a core component of the game for this reason, it drives the relationships between the characters and it gives the story direction.

In fact, music plays such a key role, that the game even has it's own soundtrack, you can have a listen to the album on the main streaming sites, follow this link for more details!

Firstly, as a team you will create some characters, one for each player. There is no Games Master,  you all get to be creative and tell the story together.

You'll give your characters three facets to their character.

  • Concept - describes the nature of them as a person, it's a short sentence or two that sums up your character and tell the others "who" they are.  For example, The leader of the Red Oaks Motorcycle Club, or Bartender by day and witty raconteur by night.
  • Trouble - Something that always comes back to haunt you, a weakness or a nemesis maybe! Upset Jimmy Fingers too many times or Sometimes, I forget my own name. 
  • Relationships - how does your character interact with other people? Music is at the very heart of Red Oaks and to reflect this, we use song lyrics to define our relationships.  For example Stranger in a Strange Land or We come from the land of the ice and snow can give us some interesting relationships.

Each character then gets some skills to help work out whether they are successful or not on the things they decide to do.

We love failure in Halcyon Daze : Motorcycle Knights. Have you ever noticed that all the cool stories come after something goes wrong for the heroes?

Luke's rescue of Leia wouldn't be as much fun if they'd just flown away in a X-Wing, imagine missing out the trash compactor scene! Or when Indiana Jones says "Snakes! Why does it always have to be snakes?", that would be boring if he says "Great, there's nothing down there, and there's even a ladder". Failure spices it up!

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