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Ghost Ops - Modern Covert Operations

Ghost Ops - Modern Covert Operations


  • £19.99

Welcome to the world of Covert Missions, Black Operations and Kill Orders.

You are a member of an elite team of special operatives, enlisted from the world’s best special forces units, to work for a new private military force, that does not recognise borders and is not funded by just one government, but all of them.

Your missions will take you to the streets of the USA and Western and Eastern Europe, the mountains of South America, the Jungles of Africa and the deserts of the Middle East. You will tackle drug cartels, organised crime, private militia, corrupt governments and terrorist cells.

The game is based on the modern world, but we include help on setting missions in the past like World War 2, Vietnam or even trying your team with the Iranian Embassy siege of the ’80s, or you can set the game in the future after an apocalypse, or invasion of the country you live in. The possibilities are endless.

Inside you will find rules for:

Creating Operatives from 13 different countries and over 20 different SpecOps units.

  • K9 Companions
  • Buying and upgrading Safehouses.
  • Bullet Time
  • Rules for running Hearts and Minds missions
  • And Much More...

So, gather your Squad and grab that kill order, the world is a bad place and you have work to do.

The Ghost Ops RPG uses Fudge Dice, but this is neither a Fudge or Fate Core game. It uses some elements from both and adds a whole new heap of stuff to make this a fun, action-packed game of Covert Ops.

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