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Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: The Dark Tower

Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: The Dark Tower

Goodman Games

  • £89.99

Deluxe 3 volume 5E conversion of the classic Dark Tower — suitable for 7th level and above

Goodman Games presents Original Adventures Reincarnated #7, Dark Tower

Untold riches, ultimate power, undying glory, and gruesome death can all be found in Dark Tower! Dark Tower is an homage to the classic adventure and is a full 5E conversion, plus additional all-new material. A three-volume set presented in a slipcase, these books contain a reprint of the original adventure plus essays from industry luminaries (Volume 1), a full 5E conversion of the classic adventure (Volume 2), and three brand-new adventures, The Chosen Sons of Set (Volume 3). This sprawling campaign is suitable for 7th-level and higher characters and can be easily dropped into your own setting.

  • Volume 1 reprints the original Dark Tower with annotations
  • Volume 2 is a full 5E conversion of Dark Tower
  • Volume 3 features three new 5E adventures set in the world of Dark Tower

Three hardcovers in a custom slipcase

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