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Homage to the Player's Handbook + complimentary PDF

Petit Guignol

  • £18.00

NOTE: The book might have issues with the cover not laying flat.  See the picture in the faq below. This might go away on its own and is a standard issue across the run. The scratch and dent copies will have scuffs and/or little flecks of ink missing off the cover, and that'll probably be all.    -Tim H.

This is a page-for-page ink wash drawing of the AD&D Player's Handbook. Every darned page.

To be clear: This is not a useful item. You cannot use this to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. It is a...Mystery? An homage? A deep study of one of the key pieces of literature that defined me?

The interior is artful, reserved, nice. Each page is the ghost from my past that I instantly recognize even in their in-between state. I have six years of art school in me and I think I got it just right. The cover is garish, obnoxious, awesome: "I want this to look like a 1970s wizard van crossed with those garish stickers that I forget the name of... Yeah, like that but more."

What... What am I actually getting?

You are getting a roughly 8.5" x 11.5" hardback book with 128 interior printed pages. It has endpapers that match the original book. The cover was printed with a process that layers ink over foil which creates something akin to the colored foil prints that fascinated me when I was a child.

Here is a PDF of the interior. 

Is it a game?

No. It is a drawing of a game. It is unplayable. There is not a word in the entire book.

Can I buy the original drawings? 

Yes! I'm going to figure out how to sell the original drawings. Contact me at if you are impatient. There will also be a signed and numbered series of the books available. Just not quite yet. 

What's with the signed and numbered edition?

Fifty copies are each hand signed, numbered, and dated 2023. They're, uh, collectible I guess? They'll be served out in numbered order starting with #4 and skipping #13.

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