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High Frontier 4 All: Module 4 - Exodus

High Frontier 4 All: Module 4 - Exodus

Sierra Madre

  • £23.99

This expansion is used to bridge High Frontier with the next game in the series, Interstellar.

Module 4: Exodus introduces contracts that form new decks (not patents) tied to pairs of ideologies. Contracts are auctioned in a special auction (as part of the Fundraise Operation); players bid in years to complete (lowest bid wins). A timepiece chit is placed on the Sunspot Cycle to mark the bid. Winning a contract grants a cash advance, and further rewards upon fulfillment (bringing the contract to the specified destination), including ongoing abilities. If late for delivery, players owe late fees and/or may default (inability to bid on contracts until the advance is repaid). Discarding a contract gives a player the default chit - this gives them a VP penalty and the inability to bid on manned contracts.

The contract deck flips to gold-side when any player produces an Isotope, causing Isotope monetization.

A second Colonist queue (spaceborn) is available once you have a Colony Beyond Earth Orbit (BEO). Within your Faction, they cannot co-exist with earthborn Colonists (the Humans from Module 2). All Robots (including those from Module 2), are placed in the spaceborn queue.

Cybernetics icons on contracts are required to implant augmentations, which grant abilities to the Colonist they are implanted on. Augmentation chits are implanted onto Colonists and remain attached to that Colonist until Decommissioned or removed. A Colonist with one or more augmentations is an augmented Colonist. An Colocated augmented Colonist is required for the promotion Operation.

Anchoring a Bernal with a Dirtside matching your isostandard founds the isobank: Exodus contracts are activated. Isotope may be transfered to the isobank (adding to the isototal) to assist with a starshot, either during the game (desperation) or at game end. VP are given for contributions. A desperation starshot ends the game at the end of the current cycle; the starship must exit before game end or the commander suffers VP penalties.

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