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HeroQuest - pre-order (release date 15 January 2022)

Hasbro UK

  • £99.99

One player becomes the game master and draws their players into the fantasy realms of HeroQuest! Lead your party through perilous dungeons and complete heroic quests. With plenty of miniatures and expansion packs available, HeroQuest is sure to provide an exciting and immersive dungeon-crawling experience!

HeroQuest: Hero Collection - Commander of the Guardian Knights

We will be receiving a limited supply of this exclusive expansion, although we are currently unable to confirm how many we will be receiving. When we have confirmation of how many we have been allocated, everyone who pre-orders the HeroQuest core set will be entered into a draw and the winners will be offered the option to purchase this item as an add-on (price £12.99).


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