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Rapid Fire!: Battle of the Bulge

Rapid Fire!: Battle of the Bulge

Rapid Fire

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Rapid Fire Supplement by Rapid Fire

This latest RAPID FIRE! book for W.W.II gamers focuses on one of the most important battles of the NW Europe Campaign: The Ardennes Offensive, or � Battle of the Bulge'. RAPID FIRE! Battle of the Bulge recreates the winter battle for the forests, hills and villages of the Ardennes region in 1944/45. Detailed research � including three visits to the Ardennes battle sites in winter � gives the games in this book added authenticity, with the usual RF! attention to playability. You'll also find plenty of information to help you create your own �Bulge' armies and typical scenarios. * 72 pages in full colour! * 63 photographs of the wargames models used to play the games and the battle sites today. * 20 pictorial orbats for typical and scenario-specific German and American Battle of the Bulge units, plus many more in table form. * 10 scenarios - split between large and small games - with history, orbats, special rules, battle maps, tactical tips and design decisions. * A unique �what if?' mini-campaign, simulating the Allies' greatest fear: a breakthrough to the River Meuse by Kampfgruppe Peiper. * Scenery, uniform and vehicle camouflage tips. * Maps showing key locations and Kampfgruppe Peiper's route. Many transferable units and rules for other NW Europe games.

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