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World at War Issue #64 (Rats of Tobruk)

World at War Issue #64 (Rats of Tobruk)

Strategy & Tactics Press

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Rats of Tobruk - Thorn in Rommel’s Side: With Rommel's Afrikakorps driving toward Egypt in April 1941, the reinforced Australian 9th Division holed up in Tobruk to block the Axis supply line. The result was an epic eight-month siege.

Other Articles:

  • Timberwolves - Terry Allen’s 104th Infantry Division: The US 104th Infantry Division was a rarity in World War II, earning a name for itself as an expert night-fighting organization.
  • Operation Toenails - New Georgia, 21 June-5 August 1943: The New Georgia group in the Solomon Islands was targeted by one of more than a dozen component operations of the 1943 Allied offensive to capture the great Japanese base at Rabaul.
  • Soviet War Plans 1941: Soviet military planners had to look both east and west in the 1930s. The signing of a non-aggression pact with Japan finally allowed them to focus their efforts in Europe, where Hitler's expansionist Germany posed the gravest threat.


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