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World at War Issue #62 (Spanish Civil War Battles)

World at War Issue #62 (Spanish Civil War Battles)

Strategy & Tactics Press

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Belchite & Teruel - Tipping Point of the Spanish Civil War: Spain's civil war had reached a point of equilibrium by early 1937. A series of battles in the Ebro Valley late in the year ultimately would decide the war.

Other Articles:

  • War Winner - Allied Lend-Lease to the Soviet Union in World War II: The Soviet need for Western materiel arose in the opening months of the 1941 German invasion. While the aid would not be the sole reason the Soviets eventually prevailed, Lend-Lease helped speed that victory.
  • Operazione C3 - Italian Plans to Invade Malta: Malta was a thorn in the side of Axis forces fighting in North Africa. Long-standing Italian plans for an invasion nearly came to fruition in the summer of 1942.
  • Operation Causeway - Formosa-Amoy Invasion Plans: The Allies laid plans for several alternatives in the Pacific during the summer of 1944. One was the seizure of land on both sides of the Formosa Strait.

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