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Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Ed

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Ed

Paradigm Concepts

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The Serpent. The Devil. Old Scratch. Satan. The Adversary. All names for the personification of Evil that has plagued Mankind since his first tentative steps upon the earth. Since time immemorial, wherever Man travels, he finds all manner of monsters seeking to prey upon both his mortal flesh and immortal soul. These creatures come in many guises, oft unseen until it is too late to escape their clutches.

Thankfully, there are those who stand against the horrors from hell; men and women with the faith and courage to not only hold back the tide of night, but to take the fight directly to the Adversary - even if it means storming the Gates of Hell!
These precious few are known as Witch Hunters - men and women chosen to become members of the Orders of Solomon and used by Providence to be at the right place at the right time, to thwart the schemes of the Adversary and his minions. From the ancient cities of the Old World to the nascent settlements in the New, Witch Hunters battle nests of Vampires, covens of witches, packs of werewolves, devils, and more in their unending quest.
A roleplaying game of swashbuckling adventure and colonial horror set in the 17th Century, players in Witch Hunter become the chosen champions of Mankind, granted the insight and power to defeat the horrors of the Invisible World.

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