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White Star Rising: Airborne

White Star Rising: Airborne

Lock n Load

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LNL PublishingThis is a game expansion, NOT a complete game.

White Star Rising: Airborne is an expansion to the popular White Star Rising series. Featuring fourteen scenarios and a set of new map overlays, the expansion details British and American paratroopers' fighting in Europe during 1944-45.

Included are two persistent campaigns, one featuring the British Paratroopers at Arnhem, and another detailing the battles fought by the troopers of the 101st Airborne on June 6th, 1944. The British campaign is five scenarios long, and Screaming Eagles is three scenarios long. Additionally, there are six stand alone scenarios detailing paratrooper actions of the Americans, British and Germans. The gamer must learn to conserve his forces, because what he finishes one scenario with is the basis for the next. On the other hand, the more objectives a player meets the more points he gets to refit his troops.

Designed by Matt Lohse & Mark H. Walker
Developed by Mark H. Walker
Edited by Jeff Lewis
Art created by Gary McClusky & Pete Abrams
Layout by Gabriel Gendron & Marc von Martial
Playtested by Greg Amstutz, Rick Billings, Jim Daniels, Robert Ellis, Ralph Ferrari, Don Foley & Mike Owens

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