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War Diary Volume 3 No 1

War Diary Volume 3 No 1

War Diary

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Published quarterly, each print issue of War Diary features articles on military history, game play and variants, game reviews, commentary, interviews with gaming personalities, and insight from game designers and developers.  Our contributors include an interesting mix of well known and new writers, such as Tim Taylor; Vance von Borries; John Burtt; Paul Comben; Clair Conzelman; Michael Dorosh; Jim Falkus; Lt. Col. (Ret.) John B. Firer; Jeffrey Gonzales; John Gorkowski; Col. (Ret.) Robert Hatcher; John Heim; Wade Hyett; Darin Leviloff; Andy Loakes; And Nunez; Jim O'Neill; John Poniske; Andres Preziosi; Michael Rinella, Ph.D.; Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert Smith, Ph.D; Nels Thompson; Joel Toppen; and Dav Vanderbroucke.

Vol 3, No. 1.  DESIGNING DEMYANSK SHIELD by Vance von Borries.  ​TRIUMPH & TRAGEDY:  1935 by Tim Taylor.
THE COMMISSAR IS IN TOWN:  Strategy for Soviet Dawn by Darin Leviloff.  ​HARANIU:  A New Iron Bottom Sound III Scenarioby Jack Greene.  ​ENEMY ACTION ARDENNES by John Burtt.  MELLE REPLAY, Part Two by Paul Borchers with Mathew Hinkle.  A CONVERSATION WITH VANCE VON BORRIES by Andy Nunez.  ​REMEMBER, THOU ART MORTAL:  Variants for Hannibal, Rome vs. Carthage by Lt. Col. (Ret.) John B. Firer.  WEST OF THE PECOS:  A New Scenario for Gunslinger by Tom Cundiff.  ​PASS IN REVIEW:  Capsule Game and Book Reviews by Hans Korting and Roy Matheson.

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