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Unspeakable Vault of Doom 2 "G.O.O.S on the Loose"

Unspeakable Vault of Doom 2 "G.O.O.S on the Loose"


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Mythos Comic Collection by Pegasus
Welcome to the Vault of Doom, for a new nightmare!. Again, the cyclopean doors of dumbness will open upon the private life of the Great Old Ones, from the abyssmal depths of the seas to the infinites spaces between the Stars: meet Cthulhoo (fhtagn!), Nyarly (niark niark!) and Yogzotot (zap!), along with newcomers: Cthooga and its fire vampires, the best gods-band ever, the Elderz, the true creators of the shoggies, Mad Abdul, Erich zann or the Beta-red agents, the mythos-fighters!
Of course, dumb cultists, mad scientists and bad role-players will be eaten at the end. Over a hundred pages of colourful original strips, with no guarantee for your sanity, awaits you!

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