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Traveller: Golden age Starships 1-5

Traveller: Golden age Starships 1-5

Mongoose Publishing

  • £20.00

Do you have the Right Stuff? ComStar/Avenger presents the next installment in the Golden Age Starships series: Archaic Small Craft and Space Stations.

Many worlds are Tech Level 6-8, and these worlds may not have access to high tech space travel ' this book fills the gap by outlining Tech Level 6-8 expansions to the High Guard Small Craft Design Sequence, including rules for reaction-drive launch vehicles (rockets), smaller hulls down to 2.5 dtons and a new drive for the small craft drives table. 23 new designs in the book include launch vehicles, 2 and 3 man archaic small craft from 2.5 to 7.5 dtons, a 20 ton modular launch, 5 ton stratospheric mini-fighter at TL7 and 8+, and 10 ton modules for both the modular launch and to create low-mid tech modular space stations. Many space station designs are also included, ranging from small science stations to defense stations and small highports.

Includes a Mercenary Ticket/Amber Zone: Assault On Space Station Alpha, which details an Ine Givar hostage situation on a large modular space station that a military team must solve ' by deadly force if necessary.

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