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Torpedo Raiders

Torpedo Raiders

Minden Games

  • £9.99

Torpedo Raiders is a solitaire WW2 air combat card game, depicting torpedo bombers and their exploits in historical scenarios. The game system is similar to the game system used in Stringbag, which appeared in Panzer Digest #13. Players take the role of one (or a group) of torpedo bombers and fly through flak to deliver torpedoes against enemy warships.

Includes eight-page illustrated rule booklet, two identical Reference Cards, and one counter sheet with individually rated warplanes. (Counters must be cut apart prior to play.) Optional rules are provided as well. There are five historical scenarios that come with the game: Taranto 1940 (involving British Fairey Swordfish planes), Bismarck 1941 (Swordfish), Pearl Harbor 1941 (with Japanese B5N Kates), Force Z 1941 (Japanese G3M Nells and G4M Bettys), and Midway 1942 (American Devastators).

This is a small solitaire game, that plays quickly, so it is ideal for short play sessions, overnight business trips, or tray table action while flying. All you need to do is supply a regular deck of cards, a six-sided die, the supplied plane counters and Reference Cards, and an imagination, and you are in business. Like other Minden designs, Torpedo Raiders delivers high playability and historicity for you to enjoy.

World War II torpedo bombing attacks create an exciting narrative for a wargame. The theater of your imagination--along with the straightforward mechanics of this game system--will bring these raids to life on your tabletop.

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