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TORG Eternity: Delphi Missions Rising Storm

TORG Eternity: Delphi Missions Rising Storm


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Rising Storm is the first of a series of adventures designed to enhance any Torg Eternity campaign. Each of the eleven adventures inside is suitable for an evening of play, and may dropped into an existing story or played on its own. These dangerous missions add opportunities and complications to the Storm Knights' lives.

These adventures are for Alpha Clearance Storm Knights, and take place within the first year of the Possibility Wars. They were written by a host of top talent, including original creators Greg Gorden and Bill Slavicsek! Other returning authors include Ed Stark, Miranda Horner, and John Terra. Industry names like John Wick, Steve Kenson, Robert Schwalb, Monica Valentinelli and Living Land Sourcebook writer Ross Watson join the fun!

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