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They Became Flesh

They Became Flesh

Two Scooters Press

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THEY BECAME FLESH is a game about fallen angels, just after the fall. It is a game with two Game Masters, who control God and Humanity while players take on the roles of the Fallen' angels who loved humankind best and were punished by God for defending Adam and Eve. The Fallen are pushed and manipulated by God and Humanity, and every action leads them to one of three options: forsaking humanity and the Fallen to become Angels, forsaking God to become human, or forsaking both in the name of brotherhood.

This game plays best with 3-6 people, including God and Humanity. The prototype was a runner up in the 2010 Ronnies, and people had great things to say about it:

'The virtues of the design are pure and forceful, and so coherent in terms of Creative Agenda, with a deft touch.'

'My first thought when reading your design doc was: 'This is the game that I wanted Demon: The Fallen to be.' Every bit of fantasy in this game underscores real personal and social concerns about religion and responsibility without ever offering easy escape routes.'

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