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The Shab-al-Hiri Roach

The Shab-al-Hiri Roach

Bully Pulpit

  • £14.99

Core Rulebook by Bully Pulpit Games

The Shab-al-Hiri Roach is a dark comedy of manners, lampooning academia and asking players to answer a difficult question - are you willing to swallow a soul-eating telepathic insect bent on destroying human civilization?
Even if it will get you tenure?
A fast paced and hilarious game, The Shab-al-Hiri Roach requires no Game Master and can be played in a single evening. If you enjoy crazed one-upmanship, furious stake-setting, and chanting gutteral commands in Sumerian, The Roach would like to have a word with you.

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