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The Rifter 50

The Rifter 50


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The Rifter® Number 50 celebrates twelve and a half years of publication as well as the Rifts® RPG’s Twentieth Anniversary, by presenting an issue filled with official and unofficial source material and adventures from Palladium guest writers.

The Rifter® is your doorway to unlimited imagination and numerous Palladium role-playing worlds. It offers new heroes, powers, weapons, magic and adventure for your games. It presents new villains, monsters and dangers to battle, and new ideas to consider. And it helps you unlock your imagination by showing you what other gamers, just like you, have created.

  • Loaded with official source material.
  • Rifts® – Vehicle Construction Rules, Part One.
  • Rifts® – Comic strip.
  • Rifts® Chaos Earth™ – Psychics.
  • Phase World® – Free World Council.
  • Nightbane® – Dark Magic and the Mortificant O.C.C.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ – The Legacies of heroes, good and bad.
  • Ninjas and Superspies™ – expanded combat rules.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® – Zodiac Mage O.C.C. and magic.
  • Splicers® – new O.C.C.s, armor and features.
  • The latest chapter of the Hammer of the Forge™ – fiction.
  • The latest news and happenings at Palladium.
  • Coming Attractions and a few surprises.
  • 128 page Anniversary Special.

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