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The Law of the Gun

The Law of the Gun

Chris Peers

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Chris PeersThe Law of the Gun is a set of rules for small-scale skirmish gaming set in the American West - catering for players interested in both the real and the 'Hollywood' versions. They emphasise simplicity and speed of play, and a game can usually be played to a finish in an hour or so. Figures are based individually. Most will fit easily into categories based on their equipment and level of combat experience; an �action dice� mechanism means that better fighters not only shoot straighter but react faster than less experienced ones. Each man can have his own personal characteristics, but the basic manoeuvring unit is a 'gang' of between one and four figures. One or more gangs can be combined to make up a player's force, which might represent an official posse, a band of outlaws or Indian war party, or just a small group of companions or even a lone gunman. Nearly all the dice used in the rules are the traditional six-sided variety, though they also make use of special 'wound dice' and 'wind dice', both of which can be replaced by normal D6s if you prefer.

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