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The Dark Eye RPG: Hit Zone Dice Set

The Dark Eye RPG: Hit Zone Dice Set


  • £27.99

  • The Hit Zone Dice Set contains ten different 20-sided dice, each with individual symbols for hit locations, as presented in the Aventuria Compendium.
  • Every die has a different distribution relating to a specific hit location template. Whether you face a humanoid enemy, a tentacled krakennewt, or a putrid tatzelwurm, this set has the hit location die you need!
  • Besides these awesome dice, this set comes with a booklet that summarizes the Focus Rules for Hit Zones from the Aventuria Compendium and the Aventurian Armory.
  • Additional Focus Rules provide greater detail for specific injuries within hit zones, adding more excitement to your game.
  • This set also includes new special abilities, advantages, and disadvantages to give your heroes the edge they need to survive in the exciting world of The Dark Eye.

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