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Terminator Genisys: The War Against the Machines

Terminator Genisys: The War Against the Machines

Warlord Games

  • £69.99

Warlord GamesMiniatures Wargame

The War Against the Machines, produced by River Horse, opens up a whole world of Terminator Genisys wargaming.
The Endoskeletons and Human Restistance fighters in the main set will plunge you straight into the desperate battle for survival - but this is just the start.
� Advanced Rules covering commanders, different weapons, vehicles, transports and even VTOLs such as Hunter-Killer Gunships.
� Battle Scenarios - a matrix of 36 balanced games.
� Force Lists. Statlines and special rules for all models and weapons of the Human Resistance and Skynet�s Machines.
� Narrative Scenarios - recreating the events of the War Against the Machines.

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