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Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Tabletop Gaming Magazine


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FREE GIFT: Customisable When I Dream promo cards featuring brand new artwork. One of five double-sided variants with each magazine.

Issue 12's Cover Feature Cover feature: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2: Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau tell us about the ambitious sequel to their revolutionary legacy game that changed the world.

Terror on the Tabletop: H.P. Lovecraft and his monstrous creations seem to be everywhere in games, from RPG Call of Cthulhu to board game Eldritch Horror. We ask experts and designers why the horror author and his stories remain as popular as ever for gamers.

Lights, Camera, Actions: From The Godfather and The Terminator to Evil Dead and Planet of the Apes, movie board games are back in fashion – and they’ve never been bigger or better. Join us as we explore the cinematic side of gaming.

D&D Beyond: Roleplaying classic Dungeons & Dragons is breaking into the 21st century with an impressive new companion app. We take D&D Beyond for a spin and speak to its developers.

Essen preview: The games, announcements and releases you shouldn’t miss at the world’s biggest tabletop event in October.

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