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Story Engine Plus Edition - reduced price*

Story Engine Plus Edition - reduced price*

Precis Intermedia

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Storytelling is one of the oldest living traditions, continuing today as theatre, literature, television and film. Roleplaying games evolved their own version of storytelling by piecing together a tale based on the outcome of dice rolls and player choices. Story Engine breathes new life into this multi-authored game format, infusing it with the fluidity of oral tradition while liberating it from the confines of turn-based mechanics. Create characters using adjectives and phrases. Like novels, the different elements of a character all contribute to the story'even flaws and foibles. Collaborate to tell a story of the characters. Pool resources to work as a group to solve conflicts. Narrate the outcome of scenes based on success.
This updated edition of the original ground-breaking Story Engine roleplaying game features:

Complete rules, plus introductory Story Bones' rules

Optional rules for customizing the system

Extensive advice on running games

Three plug-ins for running different genres: Six Guns & Whiskey' (Wild West), In the 'Zone' (Sci-Fi), and Of Legend' (Fantasy)

Plug-in for use with the Maelstrom Storytelling' world

Two adventures

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