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Star Fleet Battles: Captains Log 46

Star Fleet Battles: Captains Log 46

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £16.99

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SFB: 12 new ships, seven new scenarios, Q&A, proposals board, term papers, 12 battle forces.

FC: 4 new war destroyer leaders, 6 battle groups, 3 new scenarios, command notes, tractor beam tactics.

F&E: LDR rules and scenario, tactical notes, Q&A, new ships.

ACTASF: 12 new escorts, 4 more new ships, terrain tactics, new scenario.

Others: Marine tactics, SFBF cards, Starmada battleships, Skoleos in Prime Directive.

And more: Fiction (the untold story of what happened to the USS Mallory on the Day of the Eagle), input guide, SFBOL, PBEM, After Action, Schedule, Awards, Miniatures, Why, 10 Questions, more.

144 pages.

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