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Star Wars RPG Force and Destiny Specialization Deck: Arbiter

Star Wars RPG Force and Destiny Specialization Deck: Arbiter

Fantasy Flight Games

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Players were introduced to the Consular career in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny core rulebook, with the Healer, Sage, and Niman Disciple specializations, but the Disciples of Harmony sourcebook doubles those options with the addition of the Ascetic, Arbiter, and Teacher specializations. These negotiators, educators, and peacemakers are located all over the galaxy, and while diplomats like Princess Leia Organa and Jedi Masters like Qui-Gon Jinn prove that the Consular can be incredibly high-profile, just as many concern themselves with everyday affairs. 

  • Arbiter: Whether keeping an eye on local politics to avoid butterfly-effect-like repercussions on a grander scale or actually negotiating peace between warring worlds, the Arbiter believes that there must always exist a peaceful resolution to conflict.

Each of these three specializations features a vastly different set of talents, detailed in full in Disciples of Harmony as well as in their respective Specialization Decks. All Consular characters should look to the Signature Ability Deck, breaking down the new Consular Signature Abilities, Unmatched Negotiation and Much to Learn.

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