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Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG: Engineer Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks

Fantasy Flight Games

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Opposing the Galactic Empire is no easy task. With the manpower and machinery to wage perpetual war, and the will to commit the greatest of evils the galaxy has ever known, the Emperor and his zealots present a monolithic and seemingly invulnerable enemy. What the Empire enjoys in abundance the Rebellion must hunt and scavenge for. With such limited resources, whatever is for the Rebel Alliance built must be, at the very least, durable. What is repurposed must be flexible. Every Rebel understands that freedom will be paid for in lives, but that is a cost that can be managed. Whether protecting and sheltering their comrades or responding to the Empire’s war machine in kind, Engineers provide this necessary structure and backbone from which the Rebellion is built.
  • Droid Specialist Specialization Deck
  • Sapper Specialization Deck
  • Shipwright Specialization Deck
  • Engineer Signature Abilities Deck
These three new talent trees offer Engineers in Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion campaign new talents and tools to bring to bear in their struggle against the Empire. The cards in each deck are printed with gorgeous full color art, includes the rules text for each talent, and places all of your character’s abilities and bonuses at your fingertips for a quick and handy reference!

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